Dear bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, I came to the realization that we have a lot in common with drunk people. Here are just a few of our common traits:

1. We forget stuff extremely quickly.

Bloggers: We forget to do things such as eat lunch. Right after we finished making lunch. Because, you know . . . our blogs.

Drunk people: Will forget the end of their sentence, mid-sentence. And where they put their wallet. And their phone.

2. We have ridiculous ideas that seem really epic at the time.

Bloggers: You know, like writing about how bloggers are like drunk people. Or launching those two other blogs we’re so passionate about that we have negative amounts of time and energy for.

Drunk people: Things such as serenading you from afar, challenging the Dwight Howard sized man at the bar to a fight, or simply dancing, really horribly.

3. We try to keep the party going way past our bedtime.

Bloggers: I know you feel like you can crank that post out at 3 a.m., but let’s be honest, sometimes your delirious blog posts are the equivalent of drunk texting your ex. You’re better than that.

Drunk people: Go home drunk people, you’re drunk.

4. Our emotions change in an instant.

Bloggers: “Aww, no one commented on my post today. Maaan! No one loves me. Life is horrible . . . ooh look, Holly B. just repinned my pin. All is right with the world!”

Drunk people: “You know . . . [tears] . . . it’s like, I gave that girl my whole heart and she ripped the very fiber of my being into tiny shreds . . . she left just a shadow of a man . . . [as a pretty girl walks by and he turns on his Joey Tribbiani voice] . . . How you doooin’?”

5. We seek out other people in our situation to talk to.

Bloggers: We gather online and at conferences to talk to the only other people in the world that “get it.” We need advice, a friend, or we need to feel useful as a mentor. We just have to connect with other bloggers.

Drunk people: Always seem to find the other drunk person in the room and dive into a “meaning of life” type thing.

6. We move around like ninjas.

Bloggers: We’re commenting on a blog one minute, writing a post the next, shouting out people on Twitter a second later, then blasting our email list, and finally taking a selfie or gluten-free meal pic. We repeat this cycle 73 times. Each hour.

Drunk people: Have you ever lost a drunk person? I definitely have. I know I’m your designated driver and all, but you were running some disappearing drills, and, well . . .

7. Our abilities are a bit exaggerated in our minds.

Bloggers: This takes the form of us trying to do way too much. Don’t act like you’ve never planned to write two blog posts, create some original pins, write a guest post, and do some client design work all in one day. Because you have.

Drunk people: Umm, dancing, drinking responsibly, putting the mack down (people still say that, right?) —> you’re bad at all of it. But you think you’re awesome.

8. We do some emotionally unhealthy stuff.

Bloggers: Like when you take on a project you shouldn’t, or you subject yourself to a freelance client that is not a good fit for you. Pretty much anything that drains the creativity out of us. Also, things like comparing ourselves to other bloggers. Le NO! Stop that.

Drunk people: Not remembering why they broke up with that one guy, and in a moment of drunkenness, rekindling a bad idea.

9. We think we have epic social skills.

Bloggers: As bloggers, we can sometimes feel we dominate online social circles (because afterall, we “do social media” so much better than the simpletons). We’re charming on Twitter, we make each other laugh, we have good relationships, and then . . . we get around real people in real life who don’t blog and we have to use a whole different set of social skills. You mean there are actual people out there who don’t want to talk about business, creative passions, or blogging? Who are you people and can you leave now?

Drunk people: Your friend may remember a version of his drunken night where he was the life of the party and was always saying the funniest things. In reality, he was either embarrassingly loud, socially awkward, acting like Carlton Banks, or some psycho combination of all three. In summary, he was not cool.

Anything I missed?

Please feel free to tweet this to all the bloggers and drunk people you know.

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    Thank you Emma. Yeah, I suffer from that last one all the time. I have to switch gears and ask myself, “What do normal people talk about again?”

    I love this post!!! This is me in a nutshell. I thought I was the only one with these characteristics! Turns out out I am a normal person (well… at least a normal blogger!)after all. Sharing this on social.

    Erica, I so appreciate your comment. It feels good to know others have these tendencies too. I wrote this thinking that I could easily be alone on this. Glad that’s not the case. Thank you for sharing the post and for your comment.

    Oh this is so funny and so true! I definitely can relate to all of these, right now I’m having lunch, blogging and sending emails… oh well! haha I’m so glad I found your blog!

    Maru, thank you for reading. I’m glad you found the blog too. Your blog is lovely!
    Ditto–I remembered to eat lunch while tweeting + emailing + planning. It gets crazy!

    This was great! I love the epic social skills. It’s hilarious when you get around someone that doesn’t understand a single word you are saying when you are passionately pouring your heart out about something that the other person can’t relate to in the least (AKA my husband). Great post. Fun. Entertaining. True.

    Brittany, I’m laughing so hard at “AKA my husband.” Ha! It is really funny though. Sometimes your so familiar with “WordPress” + “plugins” + “mood boards” that you forget you once didn’t know those terms either.

    Thank you for reading!

    Kelly, thank you for checking the post out. I am remarkable at forgetting to eat. I do not know how anything (you can do on your computer that can wait) can possibly take precedence over food, but somehow it happens at least once a day.

    Thanks for commenting! Really excited about your creative getaway idea on your blog today.

    Kanae, yes, #1 — I can’t tell you how many pancakes I’ve burned or lunches I haven’t eaten because I got distracted. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

    Great, now that I have had way too much in common with drunk people I must become super organized… You can make it ten by adding Delusions of Grandeur. Lol. Great post!

    Kaycee, haha –> delusions of grandeur. That’s a good one. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comment. Headed to check out your blog now:; already like the domain name!

    Haha Jenn. Or perhaps you are Superwoman and that’s why you have to be selective about what you do? So your talents are only used on the stuff that’s the best fit. Love your clever blog domain name; gonna check it out now!

    Lol precisely! And thanks for checking out my blog. It’s up and coming but I know it will be better once I get to implementing some of your tips!

    Alaine, I absolutely love your blog theme . . . you say “newbie,” but you definitely made some “pro” choices. Awesome job.

    Did I mention I love you too? I’m allergic to ranch (life is tough sometimes) so your Skinny Jalapeno Cilantro Ranch Dip recipe is making me cry right now. I’m in Texas too, so I love Chuy’s . . . duh.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading + commenting.

    Thank you for reading + commenting Kimberly. Your blog colors and design make me feel happy:

    I’m super hungry right now, so I can’t stop thinking I should get up and make one of your green smoothies (, but I feel like these nachos too ( Basically, I should sign up for your newsletter so I won’t miss this stuff.

    Done. Did you design your blog yourself?

    Me too Pamela; I suffer from #2 the most.

    Wow, you built a website about wine?! I love you. Checking out your “Wine Maps” currently. Such a great resource. Definitely reminded me to go get a glass of wine right now.

    Thank you for taking some time to stop by and comment. I appreciate it.

    Ha, you’re more than welcome Simone. Thank you for reading + making time to comment on my true silliness. It means a lot.

    Adrienne, okay, these pictures on your blog are unbelievable. Plus your logo and whole blog design are perfect. You definitely have a new fan. You’re in my Feedly, so all is right with my world.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Haha to your real life social skills. They’re in the same place I lost/left mine. Perhaps we should put a workshop together for bloggers who need to re-enter real society?


    Thanks so much! It really means a lot. Not going to lie, I have to work hard on those pictures (don’t we all?). I’ve been going through all your hilarious posts. I have applied zero of the principles, but I’d like to think I’m learning something anyways.

    We should definitely put together a workshop teaching people how to be awesome at talking to real life people, while ever so subtly asking, “Have you seen my blog lately?”

    OMG, you hit the nail on the head! Too funny! I loved learning I am not alone out there in the way I work. Bloggers & Website owners ARE like drunk people. This will be shared!

    Linda, you’re absolutely right to include website owners. Y’all are just as drunk as bloggers. Ha. Definitely not alone.

    Thank you for taking some time to check out my ridiculousness and comment. I appreciate it.

    Erin, congrats for getting into blogging. Your blog is already attractive and fun. Thank you for your comment and I apologize for taking so long to reply. I really do appreciate your time reading and leaving your thoughts.

    Good luck with your new blog space Erin.

    Haha. Too effing funny! I also found this on Pinterest and then had to share it on my fan page. It’s so true! I get along great with several of my blogger friends but non-bloggers look at me funny.

    “Why did you just take a photo of your lunch?” Umm, because I’m a blogger and my awesome fans want to see it. Duh!”

    So what happens if a blogger gets drunk or a drunk decides to start a blog? Oh that’s deep! They would be all the above. Blogging and drinking are not mutually exclusive so it is possible. Or a drinking blogger could start a blog on drinking and bloggers that drink and blog. Oh look I need a refill….thanks for the LOL.

    OMG, you’re in my head. This post is so me to the tee… I’m literally laughing hysterically because I know I’m not alone now.

    Shanti, thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you could relate to it. Us creatives and bloggers are so insane sometimes . . . but at least we get each other.

    HA! Number 7 hinders my life every. single. day. I say this as I’m creating a new post for my new site while browsing Facebook where I found this post! Sigh lol. This is spot on, Regina.

    Okay, we’re some sort of twins Ariel. Not only because #7 is my biggest struggle too, but also because of the epic “NOPE, NOT TODAY” t-shirt in your sidebar. Hello, my life.

    Thank you for stopping by (and taking break from your new post to do so). I appreciate it.

    Thank you for writing this. I thought I was the only one. As a webmaster, I can’t write articles fast enough to keep up with Google’s new updates. I can relate to all of your points: from 1 through 9. LOL. In fact, blogging is the best weight control for me since working in construction.

    haha #9! Sometimes I tell people I’m better in written form (as a joke…mostly). I talk to people about marketing 90% of the time, so it can be awkward when I talk to someone who has no idea what any of it is. I find myself struggling to think of a different topic. But hey, I never claimed to have great social skills anyway….haha. Thanks for the hilarious post! You’re the best 🙂

    I’m suddenly filled with self loathing. A little like the aftermath if being a drink person, this post is giving me cringe worthy flashbacks to my recent blogging behaviour.

    Oh the shame!

    Yes! This! All of this! Always with the epic ideas in my head followed by biting off more than I can chew and one of these days I will get to eat my food without photographing it from all possible angles.

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