You have knowledge and skills other people want.
That part is not up for debate.

But even with your experience, you not only have to decide what type of info product to create (to help you earn more passive income), but also how to promote it and get it out in front of the people who want it, right?

We agree. So we made you something that will help you choose, create, and sell your next (or very first) info product.


You may already know that we don’t do basic around here, so we put our heads together for our 40+ best info product ideas and 60+ creative promo ideas (100+ ideas in total), so you can choose your favorite product to create and promote in about a week.

To put it simply: We want you to create and test out an info product (think: eBook, online workshop, etc.) quickly AND sell more of it (instead of wondering how to get it out there).


Hey, I’m Regina (left) and that’s Allie (right), and we create profitable content in various niches, but our most profitable brands are:

  • a health and wellness brand about detoxing your home and life (it makes a few thousand dollars each month)

  • a brand that helps business owners create an engaged email list of people who actually value their work and pay them (it makes multiple 5 figures per month)

And guess what?

Two of the key skills that help us earn the majority of our income are (1) being able to create info products that people actually want, and (2) being able to promote and sell what we create.

100 Info Product and Promo Ideas is a bundle of lessons and cheat sheets to help you create a small or large info product (to use as a paid or free sample, your main offer, etc.) and then discover new ways to promote it so that it can be out in the world next week.

Oh, and did we mention our new and improved list of 1400 niche ideas plus our 25 exercises to brainstorm your exact info product topic? Yeah, they’re included as well.

(Insert dramatic mic drop 🎤 here.)

100 Info Product and Promo Ideas Preview.png
Create Audio Lessons Preview.png

100 Info Product and Promo Ideas includes:

  • 1400 niche ideas (to help you if you’re still deciding which of your interests to create products for)

  • 25 brainstorming prompts to help you arrive at the exact topic/content you will share in your information product

  • 40+ info product or audience magnet ideas that you may not have thought of before

  • 5 bonus tech tutorials (on creating audio courses, designing workbooks, worksheets, and more)

  • The Epic Guide to Creating an Information Product in 3 Days (80-page eBook)

  • 60+ promo ideas that aren’t just “spend more on Facebook ads” . . . even though ads can obviously work well

If you really think about it, you only need to figure out how to make one product idea and one promo idea work in order to start creating another stream of amazing income for yourself.

100 Info Product and Promo Ideas is a smart collection of our best niche, topic, product, and promotion ideas so that you’ll be able to choose something that complements you, your audience, and the way you like to help people.

With this bundle alone, you can plan your audience magnets (or lead magnets), sample products (marketers say “tripwires”), and info products for the entire year. 😲

Create an Info Product in 3 Days Preview.png

A preview of The Epic Guide to Creating an Information Product in 3 Days—one of the many bonuses waiting inside.


Grab 100 Info Product and Promo Ideas at an insane price (until the timer above expires).
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P.S. Your purchase is non-refundable, but comes with expanded bonus lessons (on creating audio courses, PDF workbooks/eBooks, and more), our most popular eBook that helps you create an info product in 3 days, an out-of-this-world niche list of 1400 ideas, and of course your 40+ info product ideas and 60+ promo ideas.


We’ve loaded this with over 100 ideas for you to mix-and-match for your expertise so you can delight your audience and stack your funnel with value.

A smart fully-stacked sales funnel will eventually include a powerful opt-in, a paid sample (some marketers like to call this a “tripwire”), an amazing product/service, and potentially even an upsell/downsell to offer your potential customer. That can feel like a lot of moving parts, so we wanted to make it as simple as possible to go from idea to implementation.

Imagine if you never had to sit down at your computer and think “What type of info product can I sell?” or “How do I create and promote an info product?” . . . ever again.

If you’re the kind of person who would rather get to work on creating a great product that you can use to build your audience (and start selling immediately) rather than spend anymore time at a standstill with your pending project of creating passive income from your knowledge and skills . . .


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