It’s not a good idea to build any old email list.

But it’s a great idea to build an engaged email list of people who actually buy from you. 🙌🏽

So, here's some of what we'll cover in this 5-day course:


1. There's a hidden starting line when it comes to profitable list building.

Other list-building courses teach the same principles to you whether you have a done-for-you (DFY), done-with-you (DWY), or do-it-yourself (DIY) business model.

But. The reality is, you have to plan and motivate people differently for different business models.

Which makes sense, right? Certain resources and styles will attract someone who wants to buy a book/course on something vs. someone who wants a coach/consultant to help them vs. someone who wants to hire a freelancer to do something for them.


2. Setting boundaries and making sure the math of your business model checks out are both crucial steps.

We'll introduce you to a digital resource we made for you called The Smart List-Building Planner, where you will take notes on what makes a good freebie/sample offer, and learn to set up boundaries that will help you love your business and sell more.

The SLB Planner Preview.png

3. There's an art and a science to Getting in front of the right people and selling well.

We will cover the 5 main ways you can get in front of people who have never heard of you before, so that you can spread your content, products, and services further.

We’ll also talk about the three most effective ways to sell to your new audience online—you’ll be able to pick the method that fits you and your customers best.


Plus, we'll tell you why we just deleted 22,000 people from our business email list 👀. We're sharing a lot of "secrets" that shouldn't be kept hidden anymore.


Oh, and don’t you want the story of how I started making meaningful income with an email list of less than 80 people, and how Allie (you can meet us below) started making a full-time income from premium services with a small email list?


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Meet your 5-day email course hosts.

The people behind beta & beyond.




Hey there 👋🏽. Since I'll be talking to you in first person during this free 5-day email course, I don't want to use a stuffy third-person bio here. So . . .

I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. Everything from freelance writing full time and designing event invitations to creating WordPress websites and publishing my own books.

I have written for, or been featured in, places such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur and events such as Teachable's annual online summit and ConvertKit's IRL (in real life) yearly conference.

Quick stats:

  • I speak at epic conferences each year on humanizing your sales funnels and building low-maintenance businesses with low overhead.

  • I studied business in college and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then.

  • I have built an email list of about 50,000 people, two online schools (one with 14,000 and one with 10,000 students), and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans.

  • When I'm not teaching/writing for beta & beyond, I'm chronicling my business journeys on Medium or Instagram, pretending to work out at a local NYC gym, searching for vegan food in some random city in the world, or watching action flicks.




Allie here. I am a writer and educator . . . and I love using my people-person superpowers and to humanize online business. In my past life, I used to run the entire backend of multiple six-figure businesses, and in my current life, I'm managing multiple brands across the food, wellness, travel, and business industries.

You'll catch me both behind the scenes of beta & beyond creating content, as well as front and center co-teaching with Regina.

Quick stats:

  • I have a BA in Literature and Writing Studies (and have written in diverse niches from magazine and food writing to technical writing in the software industry and medical industry).

  • I received the Outstanding Graduate award 🎉 with my MS in Instructional and Performance Technology (think of this as organizational and workplace learning; I love teaching and helping fellow adults).

  • I have built multiple influential Instagram accounts in a wide variety of niches--and have consulted with entrepreneurs on their copywriting, messaging, and visuals for the last 5 years.

  • Before all this, I worked with Hewlett Packard’s Global Content/Product Data Management as an image specialist.

  • When I'm not teaching/writing for beta & beyond, I'm hanging out on Instagram (here or here usually), getting my passport stamped somewhere in the world, or helping spread the word about brands that create impact and social good in the world. Life is epic when I'm doing all three at the same time.

  • I've never seen John Wick--which caused major problems with Regina for the first few months of working together 😂.


This 5-day email course is for anyone with knowledge to share who wants to help people, build community, and/or change the world in significant ways. At beta & beyond our sole mission is to make it easier for you to create services, educational products, and events that your customers hashtag home to mom about.

We're taking our years of experience creating online programs, publishing share-worthy content, selling out in-person and virtual events, and building communities . . . and putting it into all of our programs and offerings.