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If your future customers use Instagram, but you’re still not making consistent sales on IG, you might not know about a simple approach to making more money “Instagramming” . . .

The Hierarchy of Profitable Gramming includes:

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Most people try to start using Instagram daily (the top level of the hierarchy/pyramid) without first building out the base of their platform and strategy—which is crucial if you want to stop wasting time.

When our clients come to us flustered and frustrated with Instagram, we help them focus all their efforts by building each layer of the hierarchy . . . and guess what? It works.

Our clients start selling more on Instagram within 30 days, but the nifty hierarchy/pyramid we teach them can be implemented in a weekend.

From Flustered to Focused on Instagram

In order to use IG each day in an optimal way, you have to first:

  • Map out and follow a “Short Stack” Sales Funnel (hint: it’s something you can do in a weekend)

  • Build out an editorial calendar based on “smart themes” so your content and focus don’t jump around

  • Do a makeover of your IG account using the “Second Website” Framework (hint: static pages on a website are like your IG Stories highlights; your website home page is like your IG bio, photo, link, and first 9 pictures; the blog posts on your site = your gallery posts on IG; and so on)

  • Identify where your audience is on Instagram (and how to locate new potential customers consistently), so that you can engage, serve, and convert the right people to your products and services

  • Develop a signature IG Stories style and template so that your content is attractive, engaging, and in line with your sales funnel and themes

  • Start writing better captions and choosing images/videos that create a conversation and challenge your audience, so they stop scrolling and engage

  • Understand and implement the actions that lead to sales on Instagram (and not just likes/followers), so that you can help transform people’s lives, businesses, health, or goals through your products and services

We’re going to help you do all that 👆🏽 in a self-paced weekend (you choose the dates), but if you join us today, you will unlock:

An 80-page follow-along guidebook to use during your self-paced Gram Like a Brand Weekend Bootcamp and beyond.

You can print your guidebook or use it digitally.



We have 3 simple questions for you to help you decide if you want to Gram Like a Brand:

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1. If you’re using IG poorly and it’s sucking time from you to not have a strategy that’s working, you’re better off not using it at all—agree or disagree?

We agree . . . but . . .

2. Instagram reports over 1 Billion active users each month, with at least 500 Million+ active each day—is it smart to ignore such a far-reaching platform that people love to be on?

We think it’s a bad idea to ignore IG if your potential customers use it, but . . .

3. Following the advice of 17 different “gurus” who’ve only ever made one type of Instagram account profitable and successful has fueled the distraction monster and not gotten you anywhere meaningfultrue or false?

If true, we think it’s time to actually give yourself the chance to get the most out of Instagram. Join our weekend lock-in and commit to 30 days of purposeful Instagram use.

✅ 4 On-Demand Trainings and Implementation Sessions with Lifetime Access to Replays + the 80-Page Guidebook ($900)

Session 1: Select Smart Themes (with a Guided Exercise) for Your IG Content and Fill Out 90 Days of Your Editorial Calendar
Session 2: Write 30 Days of "Storytell to Action" Captions and Create Your Library of Free On-Brand Images to Pull From
Session 3: Use This Manual Engagement and Hashtag Research Strategy to Create a Focused 30 Minute Per Day Plan
Session 4: Create Your Signature Instagram Stories Style and Template Plus Swipe Our Template

✅ A Private Community to Come Share Your Wins, Help Others, and Get Feedback (Priceless and Fun)

We frequently select entrepreneurs active in the community to feature to our email list and social media accounts

✅ Bonus Prep Lessons Unlocked Immediately in Your Dashboard ($400)

Lesson 1: Create Your “Visual Theme Kit” (or Brand Style Board) So You’re Never Lost on the Colors, Elements, or Photography to Include in Your Account (Extensive Video Tutorial)

Lesson 2: Design a Visually Cohesive Instagram Account (Extensive Video Tutorial)

Lesson 3: Plan and Create a “Short Stack Sales Funnel” So You Can Use IG Profitably (40-Minute Training)

Lesson 4: Do a Makeover of Your Instagram Account in 1 Day Using the “Second Website Framework” (Video Training)

Gram Like a Brand (Suggested Price): $1,300

Our regular price is not a random number pulled out of the sky . . .

If you show up and do the work, you will leave Gram Like a Brand with:

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As soon as you press the button above:

Logistics for Gram Like a Brand purchase

Question for you:

Is it worth a weekend of your time led by two expert “Grammers” (who each have at least two profitable IG accounts in different niches with over 10,000 followers each) . . . if you’re able to implement a strategy that means you stop wasting time on IG and start selling more?


Who this is not for:

❌ People who want to become Instagram influencers but don’t want to develop a meaningful product or service to offer your followers.

🚫 People who already have accounts with more than 10,000 followers who regularly buy from you.

⛔️ Those who currently completely outsource their social media.

🆘 Those who aren’t interested in establishing a platform on Instagram because your customers don’t use Instagram.

❌ Anyone who sells products that don’t help people with meaningful life, health, business, finance, or home goals. (So: We love you if you’re a fiction author, movie director, or creator of an app that lets you design outfits for your cat, but Gram Like a Brand is best for consultants, coaches, freelancers, and authors.)

But, this is for you if:

✅ You are willing to put in approximately 30 minutes of engagement/work at least 5x per week on Instagram.

✅ You realize you do not have The Hierarchy of Profitable Gramming in place and you want a step-by-step roadmap for getting it running in a weekend.

✅ You are ready for a consistent strategy to write IG Stories and captions that actually weave a compelling story.

✅ You want a way to source images and design graphics that make your account look like a million bucks.

✅ You want to commit to a self-paced, high-energy weekend of productivity and implementations so that you can grow your IG and start making more money from the time you spend on IG.

✅ You just want to establish an easy-to-follow workflow and create a minimal viable platform (MVP) that you can run yourself or eventually hand off to a social media specialist or a VA.

In the upcoming Gram Like a Brand Weekend Lock-In (choose your own weekend and work through the materials at your preferred pace), your 2 expert hosts (meet Regina and Allie below) will deliver practical tutorials and tested strategies for designing Instagram content and an engagement strategy that fits your business.

If your potential customers are using Instagram, then whether you sell a $12 eBook or a $12,000 service, you need a way to make more sales on Instagram.

Work with us. Learn these skills once. And then repeat them over and over 🎉.

You can leave Gram Like a Brand with:

  • A 90-day editorial calendar filled out with “smart themes” that we help you choose

  • 30 days of captions pre-written and loaded into scheduling software such as Planoly or Later

  • A customized plan of how you will find and directly engage your ideal customers on Instagram

  • A prescription (specific to your goals) of what to do every day for 30 minutes per day to grow your account with the right people and start selling more

  • Your Signature IG Stories style and template so that you can create super engaging and attractive stories every time, in basically no time

  • A collection of free-to-use images that are on brand for you so that you never have nothing to post

  • A makeover of your IG account based on the 2nd website framework

  • A customized hashtag research and use plan that you can implement immediately

  • And more


And, don’t forget the 80-Page Guidebook You’ll Get to Use During Gram Like a Brand and Beyond
This follow-along roadmap is worth the price of the program by itself

Once you get your PDF copy, feel free to print it or use it digitally



Meet your Gram Like a Brand hosts.

The people behind beta & beyond.




Regina here. I want to help you build and grow your full-time business using the power of signature events and epic content & engagement on Instagram. Through these two things (events and Instagram), you can craft an amazing experience for your customers as well as sell out your main offer.

Teaching online and using social media strategically has helped me generate more than $1M in revenue over the last few years, so Allie and I have developed templates and processes (based on what we do that works) to help you avoid common mistakes. We want you to enjoy your business, enjoy your customers, and make major profits.

A bit about me?

I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. I’m an author, a yoga teacher, and an outgoing introvert.

I have written for, or been featured in, publications such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur, and events such as Teachable's annual online conference and ConvertKit's IRL (in real life) yearly conference.

P.S. I went to school and studied business at some point (we don’t have to talk about how deep I am into my 30s, okay? 🤣), and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then. I chronicle my business journeys, share case studies, and more on my @byReginaTV Instagram.

P.P.S. In recent years, I have built an email list of about 50,000 people, two online schools (one with 14,000 and one with 10,000 students), and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans.

P.P.P.S. I’m based in New York City. Formerly Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Formerly formerly, Austin, Texas. But wherever I go, I have a penchant for horrible accents and lots of vegan tacos.

P.P.P.P.S. I run a profitable health and wellness website, clearandwell.com. I’m also a registered yoga teacher, certified kettlebell specialist, certified boxing for fitness instructor, and I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 🤷🏽‍♀️




Allie reporting for duty. I want to help you connect and communicate with your audience so you can take the struggle out of your sales and marketing.

My track record includes building influential Instagram accounts in a wide variety of niches and building a profitable freelance copywriting business (as well as running the operations of multiple six-figure online businesses). I’ve been consulting with entrepreneurs on their copywriting, messaging, and visuals for the last 5 years and before that, I worked with Hewlett Packard’s Global Content/Product Data Management as a marketing image specialist.

I’m passionate (okay, a little obsessed) with voice and visuals and making sure your words and images align with your messaging.

P.S. I studied Literature and Writing Studies in college and then went on to earn a Masters of Science in Organizational and Workplace Learning (which is a fancy way of helping adults learn in the workplace to improve their performance) from the College of Engineering and graduated as the Outstanding Graduate.

From presenting research at a university in South Korea, to being published in the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, I got my nerd on. 🤓

P.P.S. I keep growing and learning every day. I used what I learned from building over a dozen Instagram accounts firsthand (and consulting on dozens more) to develop a photography hobby that turned pro. I’ve worked with brands all over the world and have recently even had Condé Nast Traveler Magazine contact me to acquire some of my photography 🎉.

I also participate in the Unsplash community where my photography has been viewed almost 9 million times with more than 36,000 downloads. (You can find me sharing travel photography on Instagram here or sharing copywriting and online business tips here.)

P.P.P.S. I’m also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and can often be found in indoor cycling classes at dark-thirty o’clock.


Join us for a weekend lock-in so you can plan your Instagram gallery and Stories, draft a 90-day editorial calendar, create 30-days’ worth of captions, and develop your customized prescription for how to grow and use IG in 30 minutes per day.

P.S. If you’ve been rocking with us for a while and you liked Blog Like a Mag or Launch Your Funnel Today (LYFT), you’re gonna LOVE Gram Like a Brand.